What is a domain?

A domain is an Internet address that identifies every website you visit. Unlike IP addresses, which numbers such as that are impossible to remember, a domain name is made of one or several words (from 3 to 67 characters) plus an extension or top-level domain (TLD).

What is a domain for? 
A domain represents your identity, your Internet name. It allows users to find your web, blog, or online shop by typing the address in the browser. Domains also allow your website to show up in the Internet search engines results.

Which kinds of domains exist? 
Originally, there were only two kinds of domains: Generic domains (such as .com or .org) and country-code domains (such as .de or .uk). However, over the last years ICANN, the organization managing the Internet domains, has allowed the creation of new kinds of domains: Geographical, sectoral or brand domains.

What are the new domains? 
New domains include more than 1.300 extensions that ICANN has been authorizing since 2013 in order to increase the possibilities of online presence and overcome the scarcity of the oldest extensions such as .com. For example: .global, .club, .blog, .space, .legal, .hotel

What can be done with a domain? 

The most common thing to do is publishing a website, blog or online shop. However, you can also use them as landing pages, mini-sites, application-sites, online catalogues, etc.


Who can register a domain?
The majority of domains are free, which means anyone can register them. However, some domains are reserved for entities, institutions or business and can be used only by them.

How can I find out who owns a domain? 
You can find out who owns a website by consulting the WHOIS information. Take into account that the info shown is that of the registrant, not the registrar.

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