Below you will find some of the most used terms in the world of domaining. But don’t worry, at TheName.Show we set aside technical terms!


Domain Name System (DNS)

It transforms the domain names in IP addresses.


Internet Protocol (IP)

It allows communication between the Internet and the existing domains.


Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

It is the non-profit organization coordinating the DNS.


TLD – Top Level Domain

Domains anyone can register (.com, .net, org, .info),


GeoTLD – Geographic Top Level Domain

Domains assigned to a particular region, ethnicity or culture

(.cat, .asia, .eu)


ccTLD – Country Code Top Level Domain

Geographical domains for specific countries (.de, .uk, .es)


nTLD – New Top Level Domain

The new TLDs authorized by ICANN (.club, .moda, .bar, .taxi, .app)


bTLD – Brand Top Level Domain

Domains exclusively owned by brands such as .philips, .zara .movistar, etc.


IDN – International Domain Names

They are domains containing special characters in languages such as Arabic or Chinese.



It is an accredited organization, like GoDaddy, that registers a domain to a person or company.



It is the person or company who registers a domain name.



General Top Level Domain



Is a public database that allows you to find the person or company who has registered a domain.

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