Your domain is your online identity

Your domain is your online identity

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The Name.Show is the first travelling event dedicated to rise awareness of new domain extensions and inform about the opportunities for businesses and professionals to enhance their presence online. A panel of experts on the Internet, digital marketing, e-commerce, etc. will explain the developments related to the new domain extensions that are emerging every day through the main Spanish and European cities.

When are the new domains available?
Who holds them and who can register them?
How do they help improve the online presence?
How can they be used in marketing campaigns?
What impact will they have on e-commerce?
What is the best strategy to register new domains?
What are the domains of interest to every business type?
What should be and shouldn’t be done with a new domain?
What are other companies already doing with these domains?

At the Name.Show we focus on the practical applications of the new Internet domains. It is not an event only to SEO experts, domain investors or computer experts: it is an event for everyone on the Internet who wants to improve their online presence.

TheName.Show tells the public about the revolution of Internet domains!




The target audience of The Name.Show event includes:

Executives of small, medium and large enterprises.
Professionals from various Internet sectors.
Online- and solution-providers for e-commerce stores.
National and international investors in Internet business.
Online-marketing, communications and consulting agencies.
Amateur and professional associations and public entities.
Representatives of academic and training institutions.
Journalists and analysts of the digital sector.
Freelance professionals.

There are a limited number of places only and registration is required to attend. If the number of applications in a city exceeds the planned capacity, either a larger venue will be scheduled, or a second session will be organized.




Dietmar Stefitz

Promoter and organizer of Brandsand.Domains. Internet business entrepreneur since 1994 and organizes the yearly conference  Domaining Europe since eight years – the major European event in the Domaining sector. The last edition was held in The Hague (Netherlands) in May 2016.

We are a team

We are a multidisciplinary team consisting of Social Media Manager, Webmaster, Editor, Hostesses, Sound Technicians and Interpreters at your service. Our main goal is making every event a success.


DaaS Group marketing firm specializing in technology and the Internet, assists in the dissemination of events and coordination of the collaborating institutions.



TheName.Show is open to participation of companies and organizations that wish sponsor. The travelling nature of this event provides the perfect opportunity to promote enterprises upgrading through a better online presence and advertising all kinds of Internet-related products and services.



Our panel of experts is always open for new speakers who wish to share their experience, knowledge, success stories, best practices, etc. The panel is flexible and may vary in different local editions depending on the speakers’ availability.

Our panel include experts in:


Domains and online presence.
Digital marketing.
Patents and trademarks

If you are interested in collaborating, sponsoring or becoming a speaker at TheName.Show in your city, don’t hesitate to contact us via or the form below.





I want to be a sponsor


Here are some reasons why to be a sponsor at The Name.Show:

Having a presence in an event focused on new Internet’s future.
Reach a qualified audience of professionals and companies working online.
Promote your brand, products and services in an exclusive and prestigious forum.
Associate your brand to prominent companies and entities.
Show your support to innovation and excellence in the technology sector.
Establish contacts with key customers, suppliers and business partners.

Rise  on- and offline awareness for your brand (press, social networks and Internet).

To learn about our various sponsoring options, write to


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