It is surprising how little profit we get out of Internet domains. Most of companies simply register their main domain and some common variations to protect themselves from competitors or phishing. Is that all?

No! With the new domains much more can be done. Possibilities are almost endless!



Did you have to settle with an unattractive domain because there was no other option? Now you have the possibility to register the most appealing domains that explain precisely what you do.

Which sounds better to you: yourcompanythatmakesmarketing.com or yourcompany.marketing?


Relaunch your Brand with a more effective domain from the marketing point of view.

For example: The French bank BNP Paribas has replaced its old corporate website www.bnpparibas.com with the mabanque.bnp.paribas site (mybank.bnparibas)

Increase your online presence security with a domain that no one can supplant.

Phishing is a growing problem on the Internet that increases users’ mistrust. A personalized domain is much more difficult to supplant.


Choose easy-to-remember domains to get a direct traffic.

yourshop.fashion    yourapplication.app  yourgame.game  yourcafeteria.cafe

Did you know that 1 out of 6 visits on the websites type directly the web address?

Create landing pages to promote your campaigns, products or services.

Learntodance.latino     uploadyourpics.cloud       openatnight.shop cheapphones.shop 

Another idea is combining a landing page with hashtags to promote them over social networks


Include an easy-to-remember address in a printed ad or in TV:

Find out more in yourinsurance.info

Request a quote in plumbers.madrid

It drives traffic from the offline to the online world!


Substitute QR codes for short and easy-to-remember domains. 

Did you know that only 1 out of 4 smartphone users know how to scan a QR code?

But all of them know how to type an Internet address such as holidays.vip in their browser!


Use geographical extensions for each country, region or city. 

Yourshop.berlin           yourshop.barcelona    yourshop.cat   yourshop.gal

Why choosing only one website when you can have a customized one for each of your branches?


Protect your Brand: Register domains in order to expand to other territories or sectors. 

yourcompany.asia              yourcompany.hotel      yourcompany.mobile


Publish catalogues and online menus with domains that attract clients to your business. 

album.photos           cameras.video          tapas.bar          capsules.cafe


Become an online positioning authority registering a domain that becomes the pioneer in your sector.

languages.london bets.casino             marketing.email

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