A domain is an Internet address that identifies every website you visit.

As in a real world addresses, it includes street, city, country, etc., Internet domains have different extensions that indicate to which field they belong:

  • .com has a global scope, which is the short version of company
  • .org is the short version of organization
  • .es is the Spanish country-code top-level domain (ccTLD)
  • .biz is the business domain
  • .edu is the education domain

Until now, a limited number of extensions was available, up to a few dozes, and because of that, attractive Internet addresses run out relatively fast. On top of that, attractive domain names reached very high prices.  Addresses such as Hotels.com or Sex.com reached prices over millions of euros.


However, in the last years, the ICANN, organization managing Internet addresses, listened protests from companies and users, and finally authorized the creation of…. More than 1.300 new domain extensions! This new generation of extensions started to be available in Autumn 2013, and new domains are coming out practically every month!

These new domains include, among others:

  • .bar
  • .red
  • .moda
  • .taxi
  • .legal
  • .link
  • .photos
  • .blog
  • .latino
  • .uno
  • .video
  • .vip
  • .cam
  • .shop
  • .party

Interesting, isn’t it?

All this changes the rules of the game. There is no more fighting to get a non-registered .com, or getting it for a sky-high price. Now, companies and users can register almost an infinite attractive Internet addresses, easy to remember.

At TheName.Show we will address all you need to know to take advantage of this opportunity.

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