How much money did you invest last year in online advertisement and marketing? And how much did you invest in domains? Surely there is a world of difference… However, a good domaining strategy could be more profitable and effective than a great investment in online advertisement.

There are tons of examples!


Example 1

Logo.com: Online positioning with a single domain.

Logo.com is a company that sells pre-designed logos. The owners bought the Logo.com domain in 2010 for 500.000 dollars because it is understood worldwide without the need of translation. Solely with their domain and a simple website, they have obtained an instant worldwide positioning for searches related to their activity. How much would this positioning cost only with marketing and advertisement strategies?


Online positioning is not the main reason for the new domains to exist (although an address with your key word helps): Other uses include the ability to create addresses that draw attention, are easy to remember and reflect your corporate branding.  In that sense, new domains are especially useful for startups and collaborative economies. However, they are not only for them, but for any kind of business!

Example 2

Spoke.law: The name says it all.

This website was recently launched in United Kingdom, and has already been tagged as ‘the lawyers’ AirBNB’. It is a service that connects registered lawyers with clients that need to make legal inquires. That is the reason why its creators have chosen the spoke.law domain.


Domains are the cornerstone of the Internet, and an effective strategy could:


  • Present a better brand’s image
  • Explain what you do in just a few words
  • Increase your online visibility
  • Make yourself more easily findable
  • Attract internet traffic in a logical way


And best of all: The traffic you will generate will be only yours.


Some interesting things to consider are:


 Social networks

Are you aware that all these ‘followers’ you needed so much time and effort to get are not yours, but from the social media corporations? Are you aware that they could delete your profile and ruin all your work at any time? Or maybe decide that from now on you will need to pay to publish information or access to your fan page? And what then?


Advertisement in search engines

A lot of companies make up for a poor online presence strategy and positioning, by investing large amounts of money in search engine advertisement to attract visitors. But the price for a single ‘click’ has continued to increase, and marketing campaigns management becomes more and more complicated. What will you do when you cannot afford this any longer? If you don’t pay, you can say goodbye to your visitors!
Investing in building your own space on the Internet is way smarter. A place where visitors are all yours and you do not need to pay anyone for your traffic. All of this starts with a good domain name.

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