Nacho Amadoz

Asesor Jurídico de la Fundación puntCAT


Nacho Amadoz is a legal and policy consultant that has been working with TLD Registry Operators for over 10 years. Nacho works with CORE assisting TLD Registries at every operational level. From the design and management of their TLD applications, business plans and legal structure, to their day-to-day management necessities. CORE has been chosen as partner by some of the most iconic and representative community TLDs,  european multinational companies and Public Administrations.

Nacho is also Legal Counsel of Fundació puntCAT since .cat’s launch in 2.006, and an IT law Lecturer in the University of Barcelona.

My Sessions

Régimen Jurídico de los Dominios

H. Barcelona Center

Dominios: aspectos legales y protección de marcas

U. Deusto (Bilbao)

Jorge Campanillas, Gonzalo Martínez Etxeberria   Moderación: Nacho Amadoz (CORENic)


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